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MALPRACTICE The New York State Hospital Patients’ Bill of Rights spells out quite clearly that, as a patient in a hospital in New York, you have the right to: “Complain without fear of reprisals about the care and services you are receiving and to have the hospital respond to you and if you request it,…
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BANKRUPTCY Crew. Gold’s Gym. Neiman Marcus. JCPenney. Pier 1 Imports. Hertz. These are just a few of the well-known businesses that have been forced to file for bankruptcy in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic taking hold, and the ensuing economic freefall. So if these iconic brands got their clocks cleaned by the coronavirus, how…
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Traffic Violation

TRAFFIC VIOLATION New York State law forbids the use of a handheld mobile telephone or portable electronic device while driving.  According to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, this includes: Talking on a handheld mobile telephone Composing, sending, reading, accessing, browsing, transmitting, saving or retrieving electronic data such as e-mail, text messages or…
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Real Estate

REAL ESTATE Four walls. A bath. A kitchen. A yard. A family. Call it home, sweet home, and stake your claim in the American Dream. Now add a few more walls, two or three floors, two or three more baths, a front yard and a very big backyard with a pool. That’s a more accurate…
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Motor Vehicle Accidents

MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENTS The COVID-19 pandemic triggered quarantines and lockdowns that kept millions of people home and off the streets.  But according to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, some folks took a cue from the pandemic restrictions to hit the road in their vehicles and ignore basic rules while driving.…
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Personal Injury

PERSONAL INJURY Welcome to the world of personal injury law, an area of in-depth knowledge for attorneys Frank J. Phillips and Jeffrey T. Millman that covers: Automobile accidents Slip/Trip-and-Fall injuries Animal bites Incidents at work and in health care facilities Lead paint poisoning Product liability Strict Liability, according to the American Bar Association, “holds designers…
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Innocent Until Proven Guilty

Innocent until proven guilty If you’re charged under criminal law, there is one very important thing to remember – you are innocent until proven guilty. Your arrest will be overwhelming. You will have a lot of questions. The path forward will, for a while, be quite uncertain. But that’s why you retain experienced attorneys and…
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Did He Stop or Did He Not

Did He Stop or Did He Not, That is the Question On November 25, 2020, the Second Department reversed the Supreme Court and decided that a defendant’s claim that the plaintiffs’ car stopped suddenly did not raise a question of fact to defendant’s negligence, and therefore summary judgment should have been granted.  Prior case law…
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Recent Notable Cases

Phillips & Millman Recent Notable Cases $1 MILLION Expand 40 year old female injured with severe arm injuries as a result of an alcohol related accident $350,000 Expand Slip and fall on ice at condominium complex with leg fracture $300,000 Expand 90 year old man that fell on defective carpet and fractured his hip $300,000…
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