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When I first contacted Phillips and Millman, I met with Frank who instantly made me feel comfortable and confident that I chose the right law firm. Anthony was mainly in charge of my case and went through thousands of pages of paperwork to make sure he was as through as can be. He worked with me and answered all my questions and concerns without issue. I couldn't have expected the best case scenario that happened for my case but Anthony was assured the whole time. I can't thank the firm and Mr. Brigandi for everything. Would recommend them to anyone!

I couldn't be happier with today's outcome. When I first came into your office, we discussed that my only acceptable result would be a full dismissal and that's what we got. It took a lot longer than we had hoped, but that was out of both of our control. At every step of the way you guided me through what to expect and our best course of action. It is a great relief to have this troublesome and unneeded burden lifted.

Hi Frank and Jeff,

I just wanted to thank you both for all of your hard work and dedication to my case. While I obviously would have hoped to have never experienced something like this, knowing I had both of you in my corner help ease a lot of the stress that I had been experiencing throughout the entire process.

To Frank, I can't tell you how appreciative I am for how hard you worked for me and for making the trek all the way up to ████████████████ to represent me in court. I'm very sorry that we had to meet under these circumstances, but I'm glad that you were the one to have guided me through everything. You were always up front and honest with me every time we spoke, and I am truly grateful for that. Thank you again for everything.

To Jeff, what can I say, as soon as this happened, you were the first person that I thought of to call for help. I remember sitting in your office during our initial meeting thinking how my life was going to be turned upside down. While of course I didn't leave that day thinking that everything was going to be fine, I took solace in the fact that I knew I had someone I trusted who was going to work his hardest to get the best possible outcome for me. I can't tell you how thankful I am for that.

I thought you both would like to read the letter from ███████████████████, that I received last week (see attached). Long story short, my job is safe and I can look forward to many more years of ████████ in ████████. Without question, that is thanks to both of you.

For whatever it's worth, your firm has my 1000% seal of approval. If I ever hear of anyone in need of legal representation, I would never hesitate to recommend Phillips and Millman. Oh and by the way, your recent Facebook video clips have been awesome lol!

People talk a lot in the jail about how good you are with the cases. You have gained the reputation of being the best lawyer in town. I am impressed and proud that you have represented me. Thank you!

Thank you for going out of your way for me while your firm was representing me during a very difficult time in my life. I suffered life threatening and altering injuries when I was hit by a truck while at work. Your firm made sure that I was taken care of and helped me with any needs I had. You made sure I knew the status of my case throughout the litigations and my family members and I often met with you to discuss the case. Your law firm treated me like family and always kept in touch with me. Your encouraged me to work hard to better my life and still help me with legal issues that my family and I encounter.

Phillips & Millman helped us get through a very painful time. We are grateful that we found your office in Rockland and helped us get the justice we deserved. If we ever need legal help or advice again, it’s good to know that we can count on THE BEST!!! Thanks again.

Thank you a thousand times for coming to my aid during the most horrific period in my life. Thank you for your hard work, your dedication and for keeping me sane through this nightmare. I prayed for an angel and I got one at Phillips & Millman

Just taking some time out to appreciate you the lawyer and the friend. Your sincere care and dedication to my case will never be forgotten.

Anthony Brigandi is my go to for legal counsel, highly recommend! If you are seeking an attorney that is professional, provides clear and timely communication, and is great at what they do then give Anthony a call. Personally he has helped me with advising on real estate law questions, creating an LLC, designing a strong NY lease agreement, and dealing with tenant and litigation issues. Thanks for everything Anthony!

I cannot speak highly enough about Anthony Brigandi esq. He was prompt, concise and conscientious. Anthony always kept me updated as to the goings on of my case and was extremely diligent in helping me achieve the best outcome. He clearly cares for his clients and has their best interests in mind and heart. His work ethic is impeccable and there’s nobody I would trust more with my legal representation.

Anthony Brigandi was extremely professional and quick to respond. I would highly recommend him for any personal injury or landlord/tenant problems you may be having.

I recently hired Phillips & Millman to help me with my DUI case and I am extremely satisfied with the outcome. Anthony Brigandi was put in charge of resolving my case, and I could not be happier. Not only was Anthony able to reduce my charges to nearly nothing, but they were also able to get my penalties reduced to the very minimum. Throughout the entire process, Anthony was extremely professional and knowledgeable. They kept me informed every step of the way and were always available to answer any questions or concerns I had. Anthony's expertise and dedication to my case made all the difference in the outcome. I highly recommend Phillips & Millman to anyone in need of legal representation.

My experience with Phillips & Millman was 5 star. Mr. Anthony Brigandi was my lawyer and was nothing but excellent. His knowledge of the law, his attention to detail, and his vast amounts of resources were the reason the case was won. He is highly professional and quick to action. Unlike lawyers I have met and dealt with in the past, Mr. Brigandi is quick to respond and took a real personal investment into my case as opposed to a flat business transaction. He was able to adapt and think outside the box and it was all these skills that ultimately led to him winning my case. Because of Mr. Brigandi, I will be using Phillips & Millman for the foreseeable future as well as referring the firm to whoever may need legal council.

Dearest Jeff & Frank,

I hope you are all well.We are moving out of Rockland. We bought a house in Pennsylvania and are moving Saturday. I wanted to thank all of you for everything. Jeff, thank you for fighting for my dad and believing in me. Thank you for going after the nursing home. It was an unbelievable settlement. My hopes are that it taught them a lesson. I don't want what happened to my father to happen to anyone else. And Frank, thank you for helping with my brother situation and the co-op apartment.

I'm glad everything is behind me now. We are ready to start a new life in PA..

Hi Jeff,

My sister and I wanted to contact you to thank you for handling my mother’s lawsuit so well. Your presentation from our first meeting was very professional yet included a personal warmth (and humor at times) that made us feel very comfortable working with you. You and you staff were a pleasure to work with, keeping us well informed throughout the process, putting up with us when we requested details, were confused about things or asked redundant questions. You gave us great advice, including on where to settle.

So again, thank you for all your help. If we ever need this type of service again we wouldn’t hesitate to contact you and would surely recommend your services.

On behalf of my family and my brother, thank you for helping to direct us through the Rockland County justice system. My brother is back in Virginia…thanks to you. Your assistance was clear and heartful and it was great to know we had someone to turn to. Best to you and your family and please continue to practice your good work.

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