Criminal Law

Even good people sometimes find themselves facing criminal charges, and Phillips & Millman’s seasoned trial attorneys have prosecuted and defended cases on all levels, giving them the experience and insights that clients need during such difficult times.

Our firm is large enough to command the respect of prosecutors and courts, but small enough to provide personalized service to all clients. We pay special attention to every case. Our founders, Frank Phillips and Jeffrey Millman, are former prosecutors who have handled all types of criminal matters with the caring and understanding necessary to help you through this difficult time. Their experience gives them the insight and insider savvy needed to identify flaws in the state’s case and secure dismissals whenever possible, sparing clients the expense and disruption of a trial.

Phillips & Millman’s team has litigated state and federal cases ranging from misdemeanors to serious felonies – experience that can be invaluable when your reputation, livelihood and freedom can be at risk. We ensure that our clients are treated fairly and receive the best possible representation and outcome.

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